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Company Overview

JONAKI TECH SYSTEMS Pvt Ltd. is one of the fastest growing System Integrator of, Power Solution, Networking system, Home office Automation in India. The consistent growth of JONAKI can be attributed to its strict quality control standards, dynamic management and constant endeavor to foresee customer’s requirements. JONAKI has maintained strict quality control by benchmarking it to the best international standards. Jonaki tech systems Pvt ltd has been promoted by NRI Professionals having Technology Business in Chicago USA established in 2004 with interests in Security, Defense, Power solutions & Software. Our objective is clear. We want to be our client’s strategic partner and the first choice as their supplier for all IT Hardware / Security / Office Automation needs.

Why choose Jonaki

At JONAKI we value the customer satisfaction and always trying to improve to give more than Expected. With International Experience’s and nationally networked enterprise you get innovative technology & solutions, Providing Best Quality - Best Product - In Budget to every customer and satisfying EVERY Requirement, with BEST of after sales Service,